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How To Avoid Plagiarism in College Essays

What is a plagiarized college essay?

100% non-plagiarized essaysA plagiarized college essay is an assignment submitted for grading that has other author’s ideas, works, publications, or published material presented as the student’s own original writing. It is taken as a serious offence by all academic institutions and students risk getting kicked out of college if they submit plagiarized essays.

Our non-plagiarized college essay writers rightfully treats this vice with the caution it deserves. In fact, guarantees that all your college essays will always be 100% non-plagiarized!

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Tips On How To Avoid Plagiarism in College Essays

The best way of avoiding plagiarism is writing an essay in your own words. First read published content and other authors’ works, and then understand the underlying message. Second, write an essay by presenting your own thoughts, perspectives, and insights supported by content that you have read.

Below are 4 excellent tips on how to avoid plagiarism in any college essay. Remember that you cannot pass in any assignment or online class if your essay is plagiarized or poorly referenced. In fact, plagiarism is disastrous as you will get a score of zero and risk getting kicked out of school.

With over 10+ years of doing college assignments under our belt, and a team of over 200+ highly-qualified college essay writers working for us, we believe our advise on how to write a non-plagiarized paper in the 4 tips below should ensure that you pass in your college coursework.

  1. Using a citation style as per the course syllabus.

    First, college students avoid having their essays flagged as plagiarized by using in-text citations and a matching works cited page/bibliography section in the requisite referencing style. These styles include APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, Turabian, IEEE, and many more. These strict guidelines are stipulated in your course syllabus in your online portal and help college students to cite and format sources used in researching on a topic and writing an essay.

  2. Paraphrasing

    Second, students can paraphrase another author’s work in order to drive a point home. Paraphrasing is writing in your own words, and then crediting facts or evidence used when writing your college essay to the author whose publication you have referred to. This is usually the case for an analytical essay requiring a statistics quote or a college nursing essay that needs a direct quote/paraphrase.

  3. Writing in your own words

    Third, college students must process ideas, concepts, knowledge, and insights gained and then write college essays using their own words and points of view. By writing information from one’s point of view, students write 100% original content.

  4. Using direct quotations

    Finally, college students can quote directly from a source. Quoted information should be in quotation marks. Further, a proper in-text citation and a corresponding reference entry should be added. Do not paste too much quoted text in your essay; or it will kill the flow and get penalized by your instructor.

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Why do colleges demand students submit non-plagiarized essays always? 

It goes without saying that all college papers must be non-plagiarized. Otherwise, college students who submit plagiarized papers receive a zero and are likely to be kicked out of school. This is a very serious offence. Students can’t present someone else’s published work as your their own.

Is submitting a plagiarized essay a crime?

No, plagiarism is not a criminal offence and you won’t get jailed for submitting a plagiarized essay. 

It is fundamentally an ethical issue. A student who submits copied material is committing larceny with the intention of profiting from it. This is true whether you’re submitting a college essay or working as an online essay writer for pay.

Why is plagiarism so offensive and decadent?

Avoiding plagiarism as a student is critical since it jeopardizes your honesty. In addition to losing the respect of your mentors and peers, you may lose crucial professional references and future career progress. Plagiarism may result in the loss of financial aid or leadership responsibilities if you are still in school.

Furthermore, it takes credit or profit away from the actual creator of the material, which may lead to greater problems if the author sues you.

Can I pay someone to write a non-plagiarized essay for college class?

Yes, you can pay an essay writer online to complete a college essay for you that will be non-plagiarized. Such an essay writer acts as a ghost writer and does not own the essay delivered to you. You have full publishing rights for all essays done for pay for you!

Will I get caught if I pay someone to write an essay for me?

No, you won’t get caught by your college when you submit an essay written by our essay writers. Our writing service is very discrete and trustworthy. has a 100% privacy policy that guarantees no college will ever find out you bought an essay online from our writers.

How do teachers know if you are plagiarizing?

Tutors in college institutions use an approved plagiarism checker such as Turnitin, SafeAssign, and Grammarly to check if students have submitted a plagiarized essay and the degree/score of plagiarism. This plagiarism checkers run your essay’s content against published material online and in libraries in order to check for similarities.

Will I get in trouble if you accidentally plagiarized?

Yes, you will get in lots of trouble for submitting a plagiarized essay; despite the fact that it was accidental! Plagiarism is a serious, non-acceptable offence in academic writings for college coursework. You will either receive a zero in your college essay; fail a college class, or get kicked out of school altogether! We wish to place great emphasis on how serious this offence is. Submitting a plagiarized essay, whether accidental or deliberate, in your online class portal such as Blackboard, Canvas, or WebAssign on Cengage is disastrous and you will not pass in your coursework!

How do you apologize for submitting a plagiarized essay?

Students should write a letter or email to their professor and college dean that expresses how gravely sorry they are. The letter should start by acknowledging the offence and illustrate that the student takes full responsibility for his or her actions. Then, the student should express how such an offence will be avoided in future. Finally, the student should ask for leniency and request for a second chance to re-submit a non-plagiarized essay.

How much plagiarized content is acceptable?

Most colleges accept a total plagiarism score of 7% or below. Note the emphasis on total score – if you have sentences that follow each other appearing as plagiarized in a paragraph, your essay will not be regarded as non-plagiarized. If there are any plagiarized sections in a college essay, they should be few and far in between. Note that direct quotes will appear as plagiarized when ran through a plagiarism checker. Ensure that there is an appropriate in-text citation for these quotes and a corresponding entry in your bibliography.