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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay Fast in 8 Steps (Includes FREE Outline)

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Write a College Essay Fast?

An urgent 5-paragraph college essay written fast has 3 sections: introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Due to the speed at which these urgent essays are written at, college students must proofread their papers and edit out grammatical mistakes before submitting them.

College students must write essays within the set deadlines and submit them for grading in order to pass in an online class. Writing an essay fast is no mean task especially if the deadline is urgent. This article presents 8 effective steps on how to write a 5 paragraph essay in 3 hours. If students follow these steps, they will complete excellent essays within the shortest timeframe and pass with an A+.

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8 Steps on How to Write an Excellent 5-Paragraph Essay

An excellent 5-paragraph essay that will get you an excellent grade – A+ or B minimum –  includes 3 sections: an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Below are 8 steps recommended by our online essay writers on how to write a 5-paragraph college essay fast. These steps include what to include in each section and tips on how to pass with an A+. If you need an urgent essay written, contact us on Whatsapp and pay our online essay writers to write one for you fast!
  1. Read and Understand What your Instructor Expects

    College students must first read and understand what is expected of them before embarking on writing an essay.

    1. First, review the course outcomes and learning objectives stipulated in the course syllabus section of your online college class.
    2. Second, review the essay’s instructions posted in your module for that week. Take note of specific guidelines such as the required word count, minimum number of sources needed, the quality of these sources that is required
    3. Finally, keenly review the rubric and take note on which sections are heavily weighted and carry the most points. Make a point to lay greater emphasis on these sections.
  2. Write Down Your Topic

    The topic for a college essay is usually set in each module. However, in some instances, you may need to choose a topic. In such an instance, pick a topic that you are well conversant with or a current issue that is generating a lot of debate or interest.

  3. Draft an Outline

    When you write down an outline for a college essay, you determine:

    1. Scope: What your essay will cover, what you will leave out (defining a scope helps to stay relevant)
    2. The aim of writing an essay: What are the major points you wish to make, what will be the supporting information or evidence, and the conclusion your essay should make.
    3. The Flow: How will your major points transition, inter-connect, and relate to the topic?

    In short, an outline determines why you are writing your essay, the scope, and the flow.

    Essay Writing Tip 1: Your outline should not be detailed as is subject to change once you conduct your research.

  4. Conduct Thorough Research

    Once you have determined what info and the scope that your essay will cover in the outline, you need to conduct research on which points you will make; what the major and minor/supporting evidence will be; and the sources that will support claims that you make in your essay.

    Essay Writing Tip 2: Your major points need to be supported by evidence from a secondary source such as book, website, journal, report, online publication and so on.

    Essay Writing Tip 3: Bookmark sources that you wish to use or write them down for easy access and referencing later on.

  5. Write your Introduction Paragraph

    Write down an introduction that captivates the reader’s attention.

    1. Start by posing a question or making a controversial claim or a general statement.
    2. In the next sentences, narrow down to what you are going to write about.
    3. In your last sentence, state what your essay will be about and what the scope of your paper is. Be clear and concise as this serves as a thesis for your essay.
  6. Step 6: Write Your Body Paragraphs

    As  you are writing a 5-paragraph essay fast, you will need 3 body paragraphs. These paragraphs are where the bulk of the information for your college essay is. Each paragraph should make a point that circles back to the topic.

    1. Your body paragraphs should be determined by how long the essay should be. For instance, a 500 word college essay should not have more than 3 body paragraphs (5 in total -intro, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion).
    2. Each paragraph should have a major point supported by at least 2 minor points that support the major point.
    3. Each point should have a corresponding reference with a proper in-text citation.
  7. Step 7: Write a Conclusion

    This is the final part of your essay. Ensure that your conclusion reiterates or summarizes the major points made in your essay. Keep it brief, on-point, and restate your thesis or aim for writing this paper.

    1. Do not introduce any new concepts or fresh ideas.
    2. Invite your peers to conduct more research on your topic or state which other related areas the reader can ponder on, or state the limitations in scope of your essay.
  8. Step 8: Proofreading and Editing

    You have now completed your college essay. You now need to read and re-read the essay you just wrote in order to correct errors such as content errors, grammatical and syntax errors, and referencing/in-text citations errors. In addition, you need to check your paper for plagiarism.

    1. Run your paper through a grammar and plagiarism checker such as Grammarly in order to ensure that your essay is of high-quality, non-plagiarized, and is properly formatted.
    2. Format your sources in the required formatting style i.e APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver e.t.c and put these sources on a separate page in a bibliography/works cited/references section.
    3. Your appendices or tables or figures used should be posted after the works cited page on a separate page.

Example of an Outline for a 5- Paragraph College Essay 

  1. Topic
  2. Introduction
    1.     Overview
    2.     Context/Background Info
    3.     Thesis Statement 
  3. First Body Paragraph
    1.     Major Claim/Point A
    2.     Supporting Claim/Point A1
    3.     Evidence/ Relevant citation A1
    4.     Supporting Claim/Point A2
    5.     Evidence/ Relevant citation A2 (include more supporting points if necessary)
  4. Second Body Paragraph
    1.     Major Claim/Point B
    2.     Supporting Claim/Point B1
    3.     Evidence/ Relevant citation B1
    4.     Supporting Claim/Point B2
    5.     Evidence/ Relevant citation B2 (include more supporting points if necessary)
  5. Third Body Paragraph
    1.     Major Claim/Point C
    2.     Supporting Claim/Point C1
    3.     Evidence/ Relevant citation C1
    4.     Supporting Claim/Point C2
    5.     Evidence/ Relevant citation C2 (include more supporting points if necessary)
  6. Conclusion
    1.     Summary of major points A, B, C
    2.     Restate your thesis statement
    3.     Questions/Opportunities for future learning 
  7. References
    1.     References in alphabetical order
    2.     Use formatting guidelines in rubric i.e. APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, IEEE, Chicago etc.
  8. Appendices
    1.     Include tables, figures, or images 
    2.     Label each i.e. Fig 1.1: Lateral Chest X-ray

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