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Pay Someone to do my Nursing Thesis Paper Starting at $12

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Stuck with a nursing thesis paper and you need help urgently?

Worry no more as our nursing essay writing service will help you write a plagiarism free assignment in as little as 6 hours!

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nursing assignment helperWhat is a nursing thesis paper?

A thesis is a concise, highly-detailed, clear, and on-point statement that states what your paper is about. A nursing thesis paper presents an opportunity for a student to conduct research in a scholarly or scientific manner and present thorough, well-written, and properly referenced findings that have an impact on the subject matter. As such, thesis papers have the potential to get published if the research conducted is highly significant. Thesis papers are a requirement to fulfill a Master in Nursing (MSN). When pursuing a PhD, a nursing dissertation is required instead. In some courses, alternatives to writing nursing thesis papers are capstone projects or doing an online nursing exam (Ko, 2022).

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Why pay someone to do your nursing thesis paper?

Why do you need to pay us to write your nursing thesis paper? First, you need to pay our nursing thesis paper writing experts in order to get a high-quality, plagiarism-free paper that will guarantee you an excellent grade -A+ or B minimum. Our experts pay close attention to the learning objectives (LOs) and rubric provided in each assignment. Second, when you pay our experts to do your paper, you are guaranteed to get a thesis paper that is thoroughly researched and free of grammatical and syntax errors. Finally, when you order a thesis paper from our essay writing experts, you will get a paper that has a clear and concise thesis that is well articulated in the introduction, follows the right format on how to write thesis papers – including supporting information; and is properly referenced in the required referencing style by your instructor.

What will my nursing thesis paper include?

Wondering what our nursing thesis paper writing experts include in your request? We will deliver a plagiarism free assignment that is of high-quality, thoroughly researched, properly referenced, and delivered on time.

Moreover, your nursing thesis paper will be edited for errors such as grammar and syntax free of charge. Instant Grades will also do revisions and amendments free of charge if need be.

Thesis Paper Features


  • Thorough Research and High-Quality Writing
  • Native UK, US, Canadian, Australian Writers
  • Up-to-date Sources Only (Less than 5 years)
  • 24/7 Online Instant Assignment Help
  • Essay in 1,3, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 hours +…!
  • 100% Plagiarism Free
  • 100% Privacy Guarantee

Thesis Formatting Guidelines

Your thesis paper has…

  • Times New Roman, 12pt
  • Any Referencing Styles (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian…)
  • 275+ Words per page
  • Free Title Page
  • Free References Page in Alphabetical Order
  • Single/Double Spaced Papers
  • Plagiarism Report on Request

Completed Nursing Thesis Paper Options

You can always…

  • Request for changes (revision) to your paper: FREE!
  • Ask for a draft of your paper when it’s in progress
  • Ask for a plagiarism report
  • Add files
  • Communicate with the writer or support
  • Ask for instant help -clarification or follow-up request
  • Ask for a Powerpoint presentation to accompany your paper

Contact our Nursing Thesis Writing Experts

Of course, during a student’s journey, one is required to write a variety of nursing papers on various theses. Due to concerns on how to write these thesis papers, they begin looking for someone who can assist them. For help with a thesis paper, order now through the link below or contact us on live chat or Whatsapp now.

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How much does a nursing thesis paper cost? 

Instant Grades nursing thesis papers prices start at $12 for a deadline due in 30 days or more. Prices rise steadily as the time you need your thesis done by reduces.

  • Thesis papers due in 20 days cost $15 a page
  • Thesis papers due in 10 days cost $16 a page 
  • Thesis papers due in 7 days cost $18 a page 
  • Thesis papers due in 3 days cost $20 a page 
  • Thesis papers due in 24 hours start at $24 a page 
  • Thesis papers due in 12 hours cost $28 a page 
  • Thesis papers due in 8 hours cost $36 a page 
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How do I pay someone to do my Thesis Paper? 

Instant Grades accepts payment via credit cards, debit cards, Paypal Xoom, Western Union, or direct wire transfer to our US, UK, Canada, or Australia bank accounts. We accept payments in currencies from these countries.

If you have a different payment method or paying in a different currency other than those listed above, please contact us so that we can advise you on how to pay.

How do you place a request for a thesis paper? 

Placing a request for help with a nursing thesis paper takes less than 3 minutes. Below are the 3 simple steps on how to request for a thesis paper:

  1. Place Your Nursing Thesis Paper Request in under 3 mins

    To access our online order form, click the “Order Now” button below. Submit your nursing assignment’s details as accurately as possible. Further, enter additional specifications (word count, deadline, topic, referencing style, etc.) and upload file(s) such as the rubric that guide our essay writing experts towards writing the best assignment. This will take you about 3 mins.

  2. Complete the Payment

    Click on checkout link at the bottom of the order page to pay us to complete your nursing assignment. Our secure payment gateway accepts credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking. We offer a completely secure payment processing gateway. Once you pay us to do your nursing paper, sit back and relax. Processing and completing your assignment on time will be done automatically by our essay writing team.

  3. Download Your Nursing Thesis Paper

    Once we receive payment, one of our highly qualified essay writing experts will work on your nursing assignment and complete it within your selected deadline. Once completed, our editing team will verify the quality and relevancy of the content done. They will also ensure that it is plagiarism free. Then, our Instant Grades team will upload it in your student portal with us and send a copy to your registered email address, along with a free “Plagiarism Report” to prove the essay’s originality.

Alternative Way on How to Place your Request

  1. Contact our online support on live chat or via Whatsapp

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  2. Submit your assignment details including deadline and referencing style
  3. Get a link to pay for your nursing essay
  4. Pay for nursing assignment and get a confirmation for payment and that the assignment is in progress
  5. Contact online nursing essay writing support to know the progress
  6. Get complete nursing assignment file(s) via Whatsapp

When will I get my Thesis Paper?

Your thesis paper will be uploaded in your portal and a copy sent via email or posted on your Whatsapp before the deadline you selected when placing your request elapses. You can log in to your portal on Instant Grades to check how soon the paper will be ready, message your thesis paper writer, or upload files or information that is required to complete your assignment on time.

How do our experts prepare your nursing thesis paper?

The best nursing essay writing experts will prepare your thesis paper. We will spare no effort to go over and beyond in order to meet your nursing coursework’s requirements and ensure that you get excellent grades. Below is our nursing essay writing service prepares a thesis paper.

  1. We begin by offering free online help with suggestions on various thesis statements.
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  2. Once you select an appropriate thesis statement; we ask you to run it by your instructor.
  3. Once your instructor approves your thesis statement; we embark on writing from scratch a plagiarism-free, highly relevant nursing essay.
  4. We then run the nursing paper through a nursing thesis assignment expert editor who certifies its quality.
  5. Finally, we upload and email the final nursing thesis paper within the stipulated deadline.

Native Nursing Thesis Writers

Wondering who will write your nursing thesis paper? Instant Grades has 200+ experts who are native English writers -from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. The right expert depending on your nursing topic, qualifications, experience, and rating will write your thesis paper. 

We are the best nursing thesis papers help service providers. Our assignment solutions are not just available to students from the United States, but we also provide services to students from all over the globe.

Highly Qualified Nursing Thesis Paper Writers

Our essay writing experts hold advanced degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious colleges. As a result, they are well-versed in all of the university’s policies and procedures. In addition, they have a wealth of experience writing nursing thesis papers; having gained experience both as students and as respected academicians. This allows them to create well-structured, high-quality nursing assignments.

How to Write Nursing Thesis Papers

Wondering how to write a nursing thesis paper? Below is a step-by-step process on how to write a thesis paper:

  1. First, select a topic

    Nursing students must select a thesis paper topic usually at the start of the semester.

    Tips when selecting a topic

    First, the topic should not be too wide and should have a manageable scope. Second, the topic should be worthy of an academic pursuit. In other words, is the research to be conducted publishable? Is it worth conducting research on? Third, the topic selected must align to your nursing specialty.

    Example of a thesis topic

    For instance, nurses studying lifestyle diseases may start with a broad topic such as depression then narrow down the topic to ‘The Impacts of Depression on Young Adults aged 17-30 living in New York.’

  2. Second, write a thesis proposal and get approved

    After selecting an appropriate topic, write a thesis proposal and have your instructor review it and approve it. A thesis proposal is usually about a page or two. It states the thesis statement, defines the problem statement or issues that will be addressed in the thesis paper, defines the scope of study, and whether the thesis topic warrants any further research based on findings.

  3. Third, write a thesis paper draft.

    A draft for a thesis paper should be written section by section.

    Tips when writing a draft

    First, ensure that you start writing your draft early. You will need time to conduct proper and thorough research as well as edit your thesis. Second, use the help of a nursing thesis papers writer such as our experts here at Instant Grades. Third, ensure that you reference your paper properly for each secondary source used. Finally, ensure that your thesis is plagiarism free by running it through a plagiarism checker.

  4. Fourth, present your completed nursing thesis paper.

    After writing a draft, you will need to go through it countless times to edit and proofread it for grammatical errors, content, referencing, and check for plagiarism. Once you are satisfied with your final paper, you will present it to a committee. This committee will grade how good your thesis paper is and determine if you receive a “pass” or “fail”.

    Tips on how to defend your thesis

    • Practice beforehand in front of your colleagues
    • Get feedback from your instructor on the quality of your nursing thesis paper.
    • Ensure that you talk at moderate speed.
    • Highlight important sections and data
    • Use visual aids i.e. graphs, tables, charts, or pie charts to explain your findings
    • Anticipate questions and how to respond to these questions
    • Be direct and stay on topic
    • Get ample rest the day before your thesis defense

Sections in a Nursing Thesis Paper

1. Abstract

This is a summary of the entire thesis paper. It is usually at the top of the paper. It answers the following questions (University of Queensland, 2022):

  • What did you do?
  • How did you do it?
  • Why was it worth doing?
  • What were the key results?
  • What are the implications or significance of the results?

2. Introduction

In this thesis chapter, introduce your nursing thesis. It approaches your topic in a broad manner. It includes the following:

  • What is the general aim of your nursing thesis? 
  • What in specific do you wish to achieve (specific objectives for the thesis)?
  • What is the rationale behind writing this thesis paper?
  • What is the justification for this thesis paper (or motivation behind writing it)?

3. Literature Review

In this thesis chapter, you will conduct and write about research published in the area of your topic. You will need highly relevant journals and other scholarly publications.

Tips on writing a good literature review:

  • First, do in-depth research on secondary sources published.
  • Second, use sources that are less than 5 years old unless older sources are required.
  • Third, properly reference and document all sources used. 

4. Methods

In this thesis chapter, state how you are going to conduct your research. For a qualitative research thesis paper, your research is going to come from published sources. On the other hand, for a quantitative research thesis paper, you will be collecting actual data and analyzing it. It includes the following:

  • Why did you choose to collect data or samples from certain sources or locations? 
  • How did you collect and analyze the data?
  • Why did you choose this approach i.e. questionnaires, interviews, secondary sources?
  • Are there any possible biases to your data? or assumptions?

5. Findings/ Results

In this thesis chapter, you will present the findings from your data. It includes the following:

  • Summary of the data collected
  • Description of the data analysis technique 
  • Results of the data collected
  • Visual aids/representations such as tables, graphs, pie charts, or descriptive statistics

6. Discussion

In this thesis chapter, a nursing thesis paper student will discuss the implications of the findings made. It includes the following:

  • Comment on your findings and explain what this means 
  • Compare and contrast your findings to what other similar or related studies found
  • If there are any unexpected or new findings, make sure to state them and invite further research
  • What is the significance of your study/thesis findings?
  • What are the limitations to your study?

7. Conclusion

In this final thesis chapter, you will offer highlights to your thesis paper or reiterate some major points made in your paper. This section is often combined with the discussion chapter. It includes the following:

  • Which objectives have been met by this study? 
  • Summarize your findings and state the significance of the study
  • State the limitations to your study
  • Invite peers to conduct further research

Write a nursing thesis paper for you?

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