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Evidence-based practice papers (EBP papers) are a requirement for BSN, MSN, or DNP nursing students in most colleges. They test a student’s ability to access, analyze, and implement the best and most current evidence in selecting a suitable care management plan or treatment plan for a patient. Acing your EBP paper by getting an excellent grade is a compulsory requirement in order to be awarded a nursing degree.

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What is a Nursing EBP Paper?

An evidence-based practice (EBP) nursing paper is a nursing assignment that requires a student to explicitly and judiciously critically appraise current scientific evidence that relates to the approved topic and come up with the best strategy for care management. Decisions made or the strategy selected should take into consideration the patient’s best interests (Majid et al., 2011).

EBP papers comprise of 3 fundamentals:

  1. The best and most current evidence
  2. A patient’s interests (values and preferences)
  3. Nursing/clinical expertise

Evidence-Based Practice  Nursing Papers vs. Research Papers

While fundamentally quite similar, EBP papers differ from nursing research papers in the required outcome. On one hand, evidence-based practice (EBP) papers are intended to evaluate the best and most current scientific evidence in order to make informed decisions that take the best interests of the patient into consideration and follow advanced nursing practices. On the other hand, research papers in nursing are intended to evaluate scientific research published in relation to a topic and validate this literature. In addition, they are meant to identify existing gaps in research and propose areas that require more studies to be conducted or learning opportunities.

Which Evidence is Acceptable?

The presence of credible, current, and scientifically-proven evidence is what qualifies a nursing paper as an EBP paper. Without evidence, the paper may as well be a general nursing essay. Evidence is all material used in a paper in order to illustrate why a patient management strategy is the best and why it was selected.

Northern Arizona University (2022) provides a basis for evaluating evidence for a nursing EBP paper. First, evidence is classified either as acceptable or non-acceptable. Evidence that is not acceptable are all material that are not scientifically-proven or are not current. These include opinions, non-reviewed editorials and newspaper articles, and general ideas  even if they come from experts.

Second, acceptable evidence is classified into either primary sources which entail unfiltered information; or secondary sources which entail filtered information (critically appraised published material).

Third, unfiltered material includes evidence obtained from the following sources in this order of significance/acceptability:

  1. Case reports (least acceptable)
  2. Case-controlled studies
  3. Cohort studies
  4. Randomized-controlled studies (most acceptable)

Fourth, filtered material includes evidence obtained from the following sources in this order of significance/acceptability:

  1. Article synopses from critically-appraised sources (least acceptable)
  2. Evidence syntheses from critically-appraised topics
  3. Systematic reviews (most acceptable)

Tips on Where to Find Sources

As stated earlier, finding acceptable evidence for your EBP paper forms the bulk of your workload before you start writing these kind of papers. Below are libraries and databases you can find the best evidence:

Find Sources for Primary Research

While primary research is not the most acceptable evidence, it is the most commonly used. Sources where you can find primary research include:

  1. PubMed
  3. Google Scholar
  4. TRIP
  5. OvidMD

Find Sources for Secondary Research

Under the 6S pyramid, levels of evidence are split into systems, summaries, syntheses, synopses, and studies. Sources where you can find evidence related to published studies are listed in the previous section under primary research. For the other 5 levels of evidence under a 6S pyramid, see tips on where to find evidence as listed below:

Find Evidence for Systems

These sources have the best and most current evidence. They are the most preferred source of evidence for a nursing paper. Information/sources can be obtained from electronic health records.

Find Evidence for Summaries

These sources are the second-most preferred source of evidence. They are mainly guidelines and frameworks for advanced nursing practices. Evidence can be found in databases such as Rehabilitation Reference Center and UpToDate; as well as online on websites such as National Guideline Clearinghouse.

Find Evidence for Syntheses

These are the third-most preferred sources of evidence. They include information published from studies such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Sources can be found at databases such as Cochrane Library, CINAHL, PubMed & PubMed Health, and BMJ Clinical Evidence.


These are the fourth-most preferred sources of evidence. They include information published from studies such as databases and websites such as PEDro, ACP Journal Club, and OTSeeker.

Tips on How to Find Sources

Whichever format you are using for your EBP nursing paper; be it PICO format or any other format, you will need to find the right sources for your paper on the website and databases listed in the previous section. Below are tips on how to find the right sources for your topic in any of these databases:

    1. Tip 1: Use Boolean Operators

      Boolean Operators are AND, OR, and NOT. For more info on how to use these operators, check out this article by EBSCO Connect.

    2. Tip 2: Use Subject Headings

      Subject headings are quite popular in PubMed. They are usually titled MeSH. These kind of headings entail a description of a common search term in acceptable evidence/source.

    3. Tip 3: Use Keywords to Search

      Just like you find information on Google or any other search engine by typing a keyword or search phrase, you can search in this manner on websites and databases containing acceptable evidence for your EBP paper.

    4. Tip 4: Use Filters 

      Using filters in your search enables the nursing student to narrow down a search to the most appropriate evidence for your chosen topic.

    5. Tip 5: Use Recently Published Evidence

      Ensure that each source selected is current i.e. less than 5 years old so that it can meet the criteria of acceptability for your evidence-based practice nursing paper.

Tips on How to Appraise Sources for a PICO EBP Paper

You have accessed the best websites and databases where you can find evidence; and you have searched and found current evidence that you can use for your EBP paper. You are now wondering how to critically analyze these sources. In order to appraise evidence, nursing students must acquaint themselves with the 3 goals of why an evidence-based practice paper is written; which are: to find the best and most current evidence; to find a strategy or care management plan that meets the patient’s best interests; and to use clinical expertise/ advanced nursing practices in making decisions. Below are 4 tips on how to appraise sources for your evidence-based practice nursing paper based on a PICO or PESICO format.

  1. Tip 1: Select the best and most current sources.

    Evaluate if these sources are current, use a research study design that is relevant to your EBP paper, whether they pose strong evidence and if they have a strong bias.

  2. Tip 2: Check Level of Significance.

    Evaluate if these sources or evidence is statistically significant to your topic and if they have significant findings .

  3. Tip 3: Select sources that relate to your patient’s interests.

    Evaluate if these sources are helping you address your patients interests such as values and preferences. This can be appraised by checking if the population under study in the evidence found is similar to that selected in your PICO EBP nursing paper.

  4. Tip 4: Select sources that answer your PICO question.

    If you are wondering how to write a PICO question, refer to our guide here. Evidence found should answer or support at least one question in your overall PICO question. Therefore evidence should at least help in defining your population, intervention measure, control group, or  your desired outcome(s).

How to Write Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Papers Using PICO Format

This guide on the 5 steps that are recommended on how to write a nursing paper that entails evidence-based practice has been sourced from  the Northern Arizona University (2022) guide. Below are the 5 steps on how to write PICO EBP papers.
  1. Step 1: Ask

    Nursing students must first formulate a PICOT question. This entails answering question raised under each letter of the PICO acronym/mnemonic which are patient, intervention, control, and outcome.

  2. Step 2: Acquire

    After formulating a research-worthy clinical PICO(T) question, a nursing student must then find evidence that meets criteria for acceptability for their EBP paper.

  3. Step 3:Appraise

    As we have discussed in earlier sections, critically appraise evidence for your PICO EBP paper.

  4. Step 4: Apply

    Once you have settled on the best evidence to use for your PICO evidence-based practice nursing paper, use this evidence to guide you towards selecting the best care plan or management strategy for your patient.

  5. Step 5: Assess

    Once you have applied the evidence towards determining a strategy, use more evidence to evaluate the outcomes of your selected strategy.

PICOT Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Paper Outline

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A typical PICOT EBP nursing paper usually entails – but not limited to –  the following sections in the order listed below:

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction
  3. Problem Statement
  4. PICOT Question
    1. Population of Interest
    2. Intervention of Interest
    3. Comparison of Interest
    4. Outcome of Interest
    5. Timeframe
  5. Project Planning
    1. Organizational Support
    2. Project Feasibility
    3. Resources Needed
  6. Evidence Summary
  7. Conclusion
  8. References Page
  9. Appendices

Tips on How to Write an EBP Paper

In order to write an evidence-based practice (EBP) paper for a nursing specialty that meets the set criteria and scores an excellent grade, students must possess advanced nursing practices. This is no easy task and students often pay our nursing essay writing experts to write their EBP papers for them.

Below are 6 tips on how to write an evidence-based practice paper:

  1. Tip 1: Identify Knowledge Gaps

    Nursing students should first identify a suitable topic that meets the set criteria such as why the problem or issue is significant. This has already been covered in this guide.

  2. Tip 2: Formulate Relevant Questions

    In order to write your evidence-based practice paper, you must formulate appropriate questions that will be answered in sections following this section. This section is quite explicit when using a PICO format; which we have covered in a different guide.

  3. Tip 3: Search for Acceptable Evidence

    As we have discussed in earlier sections, find the best and most current evidence for your EBP paper.

  4. Tip 4: Appraise Evidence/Sources Found

    Once you have settled on the best evidence to use for your PICO evidence-based practice nursing paper, critically appraise this evidence to guide you towards selecting the best care plan or management strategy for your patient.

  5. Tip 5: Apply Sources in Deciding Outcomes

    The intention of writing EBP papers is to come up with suitable outcomes guided by your evidence. How to use sources to decide on a desired outcome has already been covered in this guide/tutorial.

  6. Tip 6: Involve the Patient in Selecting a Management Strategy

    The best practices in nursing dictate that the nurse must always involve the patient in any decision-making on the management strategy or care plan. It therefore goes without saying that your EBP paper must demonstrate this.

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How do our Nursing Essay Writing Experts do your EBP Paper?

In order to write an evidence-based practice (EBP) paper based on PICO format that scores an excellent grade, our nursing essay writing experts place great emphasis on a number of areas. These are:

  1. Defining PICO Questions

    We use the correct format and define each element’s contents accordingly.

  2. Using External Sources to Support PICO Questions

    We use at least 2 external sources of evidence – meta-analyses and systematic studies – that support your PICO question from databases such as ASHA or Leatherby.

  3. Using External Sources to Support Appraisal of Evidence

    We critically analyze external evidence to support how we selected the desired outcomes

  4. Locating Internal Evidence

    Our EBP papers nursing essay writing experts identify relevant internal evidence that helps in determining the patient’s interests/ values and preferences.

  5. Integrating both Internal and External Sources

    A well-written PICO evidence-based practice paper for a nursing class should integrate both internal and external sources in presenting arguments that are inter-linked and flow seamlessly.

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