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Pay Someone To Do Nursing Capstone Project Starting @12

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What is a Nursing Capstone Project?

Nursing capstone projects are academic papers that incorporate practical work, experimental studies, and facts in order to help student nurses develop their professional skills. These type of assignments requires students to demonstrate their theoretical competence. They are frequently used by a majority of nursing learning institutions to assess students’ knowledge and acquired skills

Byrne & Yeboah (2018, p.4) have written a comprehensive handbook for graduate students who desire to write a capstone project for a nursing class. They emphasize that nursing capstone projects entail writing papers in which students are required to examine current problems in real-world healthcare settings. They are therefore expected to apply newly acquired skills to write excellent capstone papers that will meet all the criteria defined under the course syllabus, learning outcomes (LOs), and the rubric.

Steps in Doing a Capstone Project

Completing a capstone project involves 3 crucial steps: preparation, actual writing, and presentation. Below is a guideline on what each of these steps involves.

Step 1: Preparing to Write a Capstone Project

This involves:

  1. Selecting a topic
  2. Getting a capstone project topic approved by your instructor/institution
  3. Writing a capstone project proposal
  4. Selecting an Evidence-Based Model

Step 2: Writing the Actual Capstone Project

This involves:

  1. Writing down an outline for personal use.
  2. Writing a draft section by section (we will guide you on how below).
  3. Proofreading and editing your draft
  4. Checking for plagiarism
  5. Final Document

Step 3: Presenting your Capstone Project

Once you submit your final written capstone project document, your institution will set a date when you will present your project to a committee. This step involves:

  1. Doing a poster for presentation
  2. Actual presentation to a committee or faculty members

Which Nursing Students Do Capstone Projects and When?

A capstone project is a requirement for students pursuing Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. This type of project should have an engaging and persuasive argument. Given that this task is typically completed at the conclusion of a nursing student’s education, it is critical to select a topic that will amaze your assessor and earn you an excellent grade that will boost your overall GPA. 

Why are Capstone Papers Written?

Capstone projects serve as a bridge between graduation and the start of a professional life, enabling nursing students to apply what they’ve learned. As the name implies, capstone projects are completed near the conclusion of a student’s nursing education. While not all nursing programs require a capstone project to be completed, those who do typically culminate in the award of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.

Evidence-Based Practice in Capstone Papersevidence-based practice

Every nursing program establishes its own admissions standards. While capstone project requirements vary by program, they generally comprise of a formal document or presentation premised on evidence-based practice.  Evidence-based practice (EBP) incorporates 3 crucial aspects. These are conducting the best research backed by evidence, clinical expertise, and incorporating patients values and preferences.

Students may work in teams to complete capstone projects, and BSN hopefuls may share their publications to a faculty board. capstone papers, program reviews, and policy analyses are all possible types of projects.

Students can apply research and interpersonal evidence to solve a healthcare problem through the emphasis on evidence-based approaches. Candidates could, for instance, establish treatment programs that encourage health, facilitate better outcomes, promote healthy lifestyles, and promote patient safety.

A capstone project’s objectives emphasize the implementation of acquired knowledge during nursing training courses; including topics such as governance, strategic planning, research, philosophies, and evidence-based practice; as well as the methodologies necessary for students to transition to post graduate nursing programs.

Capstone Project Writing – The Process 

In order to get the best grades, nursing students must adhere to a rigorous process when preparing, writing, and presenting a capstone project. This process includes the following steps: 

  1. Step 1: Topic Selection

    Nursing students must select a topic for their capstone project in consultation with their relevant faculty. Once a topic is selected, students then submit it to their instructor for approval. Topics must be approved before students can proceed to write the project.

    Tips to Consider When Selecting a Topic:

    1. How relevant is the topic to your nursing specialty?
    2. Is the project topic congruent to your specialty or set learning objectives?
    3. What is the scope of the project? Can it be completed within the set time frame?
  2. Step 2: Writing a Capstone Project Proposal

    After a topic is approved, students should then embark on writing a nursing capstone project proposal. The proposal entails vital aspects of the final project. These aspects must be approved by your instructor as they define the content, direction that the final capstone project will take, evaluation criteria, and the scope of the project.

    Tips to Consider When Writing a Proposal:

    1. Start by stating the title/topic of the project.
    2. State the PICO question that will guide your literature review.
    3. What are the objectives of the project? What will be the evaluation criteria -stakeholders and context?
    4. Which evidence-based practice (EBP) model will you use? 
    5. What is the timeline for deliverables/ completing the capstone project?
  3. Step 3: Writing a Project Draft

    A draft for a capstone project is best written section by section. Ensure that you allocate sufficient time for each section and its deliverables. The final draft will have the following sections:

    1. Title Page
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Abstract
    4. Background of the Project
    5. Literature Review
    6. Project Description: – Choose an Evidence-Based Model; Outcomes and Evaluation
    7. Project Summary and Conclusions
    8. Recommendations
    9. Reference List
    10. Appendix

    Tips to Consider When Writing a Draft:

    1. Which sections carry the most points? First, check the learning objectives (LOs) set in your online class or course syllabus. Second, read the rubric to have an excellent understanding of the grading criteria. Place greater emphasis on these sections and spend more time doing research and writing these sections.
    2. Which sources are acceptable and where do your find peer-reviewed sources for your literature review?
    3. How do you base the capstone paper on the selected evidence-practice model?
  4. Step 4: Submitting the Final Capstone Project

    Once you finish writing a draft, you will proofread your paper to ensure that it meets all set criteria before submitting it. This is a very crucial step as it determines whether the capstone project submitted will get an excellent grade – A or B minimum. Capstone papers are usually submitted to your online class in Canvas or any other learning platform within the set deadline. If not submitted in time, students risk losing valuable points that would otherwise guarantee them an excellent grade.

    Tips to Consider before Submitting your Paper:

    1. Does the content of your paper meet all set requirements including those in the rubric and course syllabus ?
    2. Is the project paper free of grammatical and syntax errors?
    3. Is the capstone project paper plagiarism-free?
    4. Is the paper properly referenced as per the set formatting guideline such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, Turabian etc.?
  5. Step 5: Poster Presentation

    A nursing capstone poster is a highly visual infographic that includes both text and images about your capstone project. It is submitted to your instructor together with the final paper. It aids the student in making a presentation that is used when defending the capstone project in front of a committee or faculty. Instant Grades will expound more on how to do a poster for your capstone in a section in this article further below.

How to Write a Nursing Capstone Project Section-by-Section

There are several sections of a capstone project for a nursing class that must be included in order to score an excellent grade and meet the grading criteria. Below is a guide on how to write capstone papers section by section.

Section 1: Title Page

As the name suggests, this is the first page of your capstone project. It includes details such as:

  1. Title of the Project
  2. Your Name
  3. Degree you are Pursuing
  4. Your Institution
  5. Your School/Faculty
  6. Date Submitted
  7. Any other requirements set under your nursing class syllabus 

Quick Note: Leave a blank page then on a new page, do a table of contents.

Section 2: Table of Contents

Your table of contents should list all other sections in the capstone paper in numeric order. These sections are:

  1. Abstract
  2. Background of the Project
  3. Literature Review
  4. Project Description: – Choose an Evidence-Based Model; Outcomes and Evaluation
  5. Project Summary and Conclusions
  6. Recommendations
  7. Reference List
  8. Appendix

Quick Note: Leave a blank page then on a new page, write an abstract.

Section 3: Abstract

An abstract in a nursing capstone paper is a summary of contents covered in the project. Typically, an abstract is approximately 150 words long. It is usually the last section to be written after preparing all other sections in a capstone paper.

Section 4: Background of the Paper

In this section, nursing students who aspire to complete their projects successfully must provide a detailed context of what the capstone paper will cover. A background section should be about 5 pages long. Below are tips on what to include in the background section:

  1. Project topic and research question.
  2. Scope of the project- include what the project will cover.
  3. Aims of the project.
  4. Problem Statement. 
  5. Limitations of the capstone project.

Section 5: Literature Review

In this section, nursing students must explore relevant, peer-reviewed sources that are related to their project. This section is typically 10 pages long. Sources used should be current (less than 5 years old) unless older sources are required. Below are tips on how to write a literature review:

  1. Start by introducing the aim of the capstone project in a sentence or two.
  2. In the next few sentences, describe the process you used to find relevant literature and how you selected these sources.
  3. In the bulk of the literature review section, review each source stating its findings and their relevance to your topic. Use sources that support as well as negate your topic.
  4. When concluding, write about the strengths and limitations of literature analyzed in regard to your topic.

Section 6: Project Description

This section defines the evidence-based practice model that your analysis in the capstone paper is based on. It is one of the most important sections. Typically, the project description section is at least 20 pages long. It can be written before the literature review or below. This section typically involves 2 smaller sections:

  1. Evidence-based Model – State and describe; usually at least 15 pages long.
  2. An Evaluation of Outcomes – Usually at least 5 pages long.

Tip: Use any number of sub-headings for this section in order to meet the set objectives and grading criteria.

Section 7: Project Summary and Conclusions

This section is a brief section usually about 3 pages long. Start by summarizing the project’s major points of analysis and the outcomes. This should be done in 2 paragraphs at most. Then, discuss how the project relates to the evidence-based model which you selected as the analysis criteria.

Section 8: Recommendations

As the name suggests, a nursing student aspiring to complete a capstone project must make recommendations for future research/analysis, or change in practice. This section should be half a page to a page in length. Students can use an itemized list with brief descriptions.

Section 9: References

It goes without saying that all academic papers must be properly referenced. This ensures that students turn in a plagiarism-free assignment and pays homage to authors whose works you have referred to or used when preparing the case study essay. List at least 30 references in the bibliography section for your capstone paper.

Tips on how to write a references section for a capstone paper:

  1. Refer to the formatting guidelines stipulated in your course syllabus or rubric for this nursing class and find out if the essay should be in APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, or other format.
  2. Sources cited should be listed in alphabetical order. Refer to our guides on referencing in any citation style if you need help or clarification.

Section 10: Appendices

On a new page under the references section, include an appendix. This section entails all images, figures, tables, or photographs referred to when writing the case study.

Tips on how to write an appendix section:

  1. Label each image, table, photo, or figure appropriately i.e. Table 1.1 and include a title i.e. Table 1.1: Lateral Chest X-Ray.
  2. Provide a short description for each item in (1) above.

Tips Before You Start Writing a Nursing Capstone Project 

Students should consider their preferences, abilities, and flaws, as well as their selected nursing specialty area, when choosing a capstone topic. Those with lower GPAs and less developed nursing skills should consider a fundamental medical-surgical subject. Students with greater clinical abilities and high GPAs may choose emergency or intensive care medicine. However, some may favor outpatient content areas such as clinical services, long-term care, or environmental health. Nonetheless, students should remember that each school establishes its own practices and guidelines.

Consult assistant professors, instructors, faculty, and classmates for assistance in narrowing capstone topics. Additionally, advisors can assist in selecting a suitable capstone site, addressing concerns about geographical area, size of the facility, number of patients, and the most appropriate care delivery framework.

All through their training, student nurses develop and acquire the skills necessary to accomplish their capstones. These encompass time management and control, awareness of evidence-based approaches, writing, and rational reasoning. Additionally, they develop skills in conducting literature searches, identifying research designs, and evaluating evidence.

PICO Format and Time Frames for Capstone Projects

The format and duration of the capstone project vary significantly between programs. Capstones are typically completed in a month, with a particular timeline of 30 hours of virtual classes and 72 hours of practical project work. However, for advanced nursing courses, capstone projects are done over the course of 3 semesters.

Irrespective of the program, the majority of students use a PICO format to structure their project proposal queries of investigation. PICO stands for: Population (P), Intervention (T), Comparison (C), and Outcome (O).

Certain universities permit students to work in teams to devise and execute capstone projects. Capstone elements often include describing the project and the role of the team leader, assembling the team, and developing the project plan.

Which Skills are Acquired through Capstone Papers?

Along with the previously mentioned skills, such as evidence-based care knowledge, critical reasoning, and professional writing, capstone classes hone students’ leadership and management abilities. These include establishing therapeutic communication skills, implementing leadership and management principles, establishing collaborative relationships, and working in interdisciplinary groups.

Poster Presentation: Nursing Capstone Presentation

The capstone assignment results in a document or demonstration that assesses students’ ability to communicate, disseminate information, and apply evidence-based practices. The public is welcome to attend.

After completing your capstone project for a nursing class, students are required to design a professional poster which they will use when defending their project in front of faculty members or a committee.  Posters convey the most vital information and should be highly visual. 

How to Do a Nursing Capstone Poster  for Final Presentation

A poster presentation for a capstone project involves 4 steps: designing, submitting it together with the final capstone paper/document, printing, and actual presentation.

Step 1: Designing a Poster

Designs for a poster should meet the following criteria:

  •     Using Powerpoint, design a 3*5 ft. poster in landscape format.
  •     Use a font and images that can be read at least 6 ft. away.
  •     List only major points and supporting evidence points in each slide – Do not copy and paste paragraphs from your capstone paper.
  •     Include infographics and visuals such as graphs, tables, and relevant images.
  •     Include vital sub-headings such as the background of the paper, literature review, EBP model used, outcomes, and recommendations.

Step 2: Submit the Poster

Submit your poster/slides together with the final capstone paper in order to meet the requirements for award of the degree you are pursuing.

Step 3: Print the Poster

Before your final presentation, you will need to print your poster in color. Ensure that you laminate it to avoid mishaps that may cause wear and tear to your poster on the material day of the presentation.

Step 4: Actual Presentation to a Committee

You have come a long way! This is the final hurdle before you are certified as having met the requirements for award of a BSN or MSN. Ensure that you are all set for the presentation; with all points in regard to your nursing capstone project at your fingertips. 

Tips for nursing capstone presentation
  •     Tip 1: Students frequently use three panels on their posters to illustrate. First is the context, problem, and purpose, followed by the methodology, and finally key findings and effects.
  •     Tip 2: Students presenting via PowerPoint on a computer or other devices should be mindful of time constraints, planning to present one slide per minute, and ensuring that necessary devices and internet connectivity are accessible.
  •     Tip 3: Visual aids such as charts, graphs, and diagrams are more impactful than lengthy paragraphs of text.
  •     Tip 4: Students need to practice presenting before their colleagues to help them understand their capstone projects completely and that they are able to respond to related questions.
  •     Tip 5: Backing up a PowerPoint presentation and printing copies or transparencies protects against last-minute technical difficulties.

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