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Why do nursing students learn about their roles?

First, a frequent subject of examination for nursing students is the role of nurses in the provision of healthcare. To provide exceptional care, nurses must safeguard patients’ safety while also preserving their integrity, esteem, and empathy. It is the job of nurses to provide patients with options when it comes to care delivery while also fostering a safe atmosphere free of illnesses and preventable mishaps.

Second, nurses’ roles include performing professional obligations based on the best available evidence. This is crucial for delivering safe and effective nursing care to medical personnel and patients alike. As a result, the position of nurses needs nursing students to be well prepared prior to beginning their careers by gaining the necessary skills and information. Nurses must also preserve a patient’s dignity, and also his religious beliefs, gender identity, disability, and race, among other issues. To be successful in their careers, nurses must also demonstrate empathy for the patients they care for and compassion when working with patients facing difficult situations.

Finally, a nurse’s major responsibility is to advocate for and care for patients, as well as to support them during times of health and illness. However, a nurse’s role encompasses a variety of additional obligations.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse?

Below are several roles and responsibilities assigned to a practicing nurse:

  1. Concern for the Patient

    A nurse is a caretaker for patients, assisting in the management of physical needs, illness prevention, and treatment of health disorders. To accomplish this, they must examine and monitor the patient, collecting pertinent data to assist in clinical decision-making.
    Throughout the course of treatment, the nurse monitors the patient’s progress and responds appropriately in the patient’s best interests. A nurse’s care goes beyond the provision of drugs and other treatments. They are accountable for patients’ holistic treatment, which includes psychological, cognitive, social, and religious concerns.

  2. Advocacy for Patients

    The nurse’s main priority is the patient. The nurse’s responsibility is to represent the patient’s best interests and to protect the patient ’s rights during treatment and care. This may include offering recommendations to other health experts regarding a patient’s treatment strategy. This is critical since individuals who are ill are frequently unable to understand medical issues and respond normally. The nurse’s responsibility is to advocate for and assist patients at all moments, but particularly when therapy decisions are taken.

  3. Care Planning

    A nurse is closely involved in the treatment decision-making process. It is crucial for them to use critical thinking when examining patient indicators and detecting potential problems in order to make the necessary recommendations and measures.

    Given that other medical practitioners, such as physicians or specialists, are typically responsible for making ultimate treatment recommendations, nurses should be capable of successfully communicating facts about patient health. Nurses are by far the most familiar with each patient’s situation since they monitor and evaluate their clinical symptoms, and they should interact with other medical experts to promote the greatest patient health outcomes.

  4. Education and Support for Patients

    Nurses are accountable for patients’ best possible understanding of their health, ailments, drugs, and treatments. This is critical when patients are released from hospital and must manage their own treatments.

    A nurse should spend time explaining to the care recipient or relatives what they should do and expect after leaving the inpatient treatment facility. Additionally, they should ensure that the patient is helped and is aware of where to obtain additional information.

  5. Obtain a Patient Assignment

    When you are a student nurse on the clinical floor, your instructor will assign you patients. Your assignment will include the identities of the clients you will be caring for on that particular day. Your professor will require you to first comprehend the diagnosis of your assigned patients, which means you must be familiar with their health issues and required therapy.

  6. Medication Administration

    You will be expected to deliver medication as component of your clinical rotations after determining the medication’s effect on your patient. Always keep in mind, however, that you must only give prescription with your clinical instructor’s agreement.

    The procedure of providing medication begins with the preparation of appropriate doses and their administration at the appropriate time. Additionally, it is critical that you deliver medication to the correct patient. This can be accomplished by addressing them by name as you provide medication. Additionally, you should verify their identities by examining their patient identification cards.

  7. Nursing Assistance

    Additionally, as a nursing student, you will be committed to assisting your patients with bathing and eating. Bathing is frequently arduous, much more so for immobile people. You will need to wrap your patients in blankets or covers to heat them up. Moreover, you will need to wrap your patients in blankets or covers to heat them up. You must always maintain the bed dry when cleaning your patients. This can be accomplished by laying a towel beneath your patient. It is critical to obtain a patient’s consent before caring for them, as some clients may be uneasy receiving aid from student nurses. It is critical to obtain a patient’s consent before caring for them, as some clients may be uneasy receiving aid from student nurses.

  8. Charting

    “If you don’t record it, it didn’t happen.” This is a frequent adage in medicine. The information you keep on your patient’s medical records is critical for a variety of reasons. Charting is the process of keeping track of a patient’s medical information, including his or her diagnosis, treatment plan, prescription list, and symptoms. Additionally, the medical record should include the patient’s medical history.

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Tips on How to Write a ”Role of Nurses” Essay in 10 Paragraphs

In order to write a 10 paragraph nursing essay that will score an excellent grade, our nursing essay writing experts have compiled the best tips on what to write about in each paragraph. We highly recommend these tips as they follow the best writing practices for nursing papers.
  1. Tip 1: Start with an introduction section.

    Once you are done with a title page, you will need to start writing the bulk of your paper. The first paragraph is the introduction. In this section, you will introduce your topic using a heading. In this case, out topic/first heading is ‘The Role of Nurses.”

    In the next first few sentences, you should introduce your topic in a general way and then narrow down to your topic as you proceed. In the last sentence, write a clear and concise thesis statement. In some nursing colleges, the writing guidelines stipulate that the thesis statement should be underlined. If you need help writing thesis statements, refer to our guide on how to write thesis statements here.

  2. Tip 2: Write the body section in suitable sub-headings.

    Once you are done writing the intro section, nursing students should proceed and write the body paragraphs. This is where your arguments will be formulated and supported by credible information and acceptable sources
    Tip a: Use headings for each main point. 
    Our nursing essay writing experts recommend that you use appropriate headings for each main point. For instance, when writing an essay on the roles of nurses, each unique role should be under its own sub-heading. Tip b: Have at least 2 sub-points supporting the main point.
    Explain each main point using at least 2 sub-points. These subpoints should have acceptable sources, evidence, or examples that support and explain your main point further.

    For instance, if your main point in a role of nurses essay is nurses play a crucial role in educating patients; your sub-points should be:
    a. Advising patients on the best outcomes based on their personal interests and values. b. Educating patients on alternative solutions and best implementation strategies for their care plans. These sub-points should be supported by credible sources; preferably peer-reviewed info.
  3. Tip 3: 10 paragraphs -intro, 8 body paragraphs, conclusion.

    For a 10 paragraph essay, you will need 8 main points on the roles of nurses. Each main point should be under its own subheading for clarity and easy readability. Refer to earlier sections as our nursing essay writing experts have explained at least 10 roles and responsibilities that nurses are tasked with. State each role as a major point and support your main point using sub-points as advised in tip 2 above.

  4. Tip 4: Add a Conclusion.

    In the conclusion, which is typically half a page long, provide a brief summary and highlights of your role of nurses essay. Be careful not to introduce any new information. You can close the conclusion with a question or clincher that poses the need for further research or presents learning opportunities.

  5. Tip 5: Write your Paper Section-by-Section.

    Writing a nursing essay section-by-section has been explained under another article here. This is very important as it allows you to flow systematically from one section to another. In addition, it enables a student to allocate sufficient time for each section and meet the deadline for submission.
    Moreover, writing a paper section-by-section enables a student to place greater emphasis on sections that have more weight and carry more points as stipulated in your grading criteria in the rubric. By scoring maximum points in these sections, students are a step closer towards getting an excellent grade in their nursing essay.

  6. Tip 5: Proofread and Edit your Draft Severally

    Once you finish writing a draft, proofread your paper in order to edit out grammatical and syntax errors. Moreover, ensure that the content is at par with your course outcomes or learning objectives and meets advanced nursing practice guidelines.
    Once done with editing out these errors, run your paper through a plagiarism checker before submitting it in order to ensure that it is plagiarism-free.

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