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Tips on How to Write Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Essays

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Theoretical foundations of nursing is a significant topic of study in which nursing students are evaluated for their knowledge and comprehension of the subject. A nursing theoretical framework, underpinning, or foundation paper is a graded assignment that requires a student to apply a theory in order to analyze a case study, given scenario, or particular phenomena. These assignments must follow guidelines learnt in advanced nursing practice. Moreover, in order to write a nursing paper that will score an excellent grade, students need to incorporate aspects of theory-based practice or evidence-based practice.

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Enrolling in a nursing course gives college students a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical foundations of nursing, which is crucial for their career success. However, a problem occurs when students are needed to submit assignments on the theoretical underpinnings of nursing but lack the necessary knowledge and comprehension to write and submit a high-quality paper.

Nursing assignments that require the application of a theoretical framework are an opportunity for college students to demonstrate their knowledge on a particular theory, show-case their expertise in applying the theory to a particular case study, and show their proficiency in coming up with the best outcomes that are supported by evidence and meet a patient’s best interests, values, and needs. Our online nursing essay writing experts are always available on Whatsapp in order to help you with these kind of assignments.

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Components of Nursing Theories

A theory is a collection of ideas, definitions, and implicit or explicit hypotheses, assumptions, or premises that attempt to explain a phenomenon. The theory elucidates the phenomenon’s unique relationship between these elements. Therefore, a theory or theoretical framework that meets guidelines set through advanced nursing practice and meets the minimum criteria for acceptability entails three main components:

  1. Phenomenon
  2. Definitions
  3. Hypotheses or Assumptions

Kristin Swanson, for example, formed her idea about the caring phenomena through observations and interviews with clients and their professional careers. Another example is Swanson’s caring theory which characterizes caring as consisting of five elements: knowing, being with, acting for, enabling, and keeping belief. These components give nurses with the knowledge necessary to plan and offer compassionate nursing care.

Researchers test hypotheses and gain a better understanding of all aspects of an occurrence as a result. For instance, Swanson’s caring hypothesis serves as a foundation for defining and assessing nurse attitudes in order to establish whether caring enhances quality of healthcare.


Nursing theories are concerned with the nursing and nursing care phenomena. A phenomenon is a phrase, description, or label used to define a notion or a series of responses to an event, a scenario, a process, a collection of occurrences, or a collection of situations. This phenomenon may be transient or persistent in nature. Nursing phenomena include compassion, self-care, and patient reactions to stress. For instance, phenomena are cantered on reported stressors by the doctor or other health care practitioners. The conceptual framework is an open system’s paradigm in which nursing is viewed as mainly concerned with nursing interventions in stressful settings. Among these variables are, but are not confined to, patient behaviours, macro and micro environmental elements, and nursing actions.

Additionally, a theory is composed of interrelated notions. These ideas might be basic or complicated and refer to an item that is perceived by an individual. Consider concepts as mental representations and ideas. They aid in the description and labelling of phenomena. Likewise, using the patient system as an example, there seem to be notions that have an effect on the phenomenon. A person, a group, a household, or a community can constitute the patient system. This is an open system that takes into account both macro and micro environmental aspects. These notions are physiological, psychological, social, developmental, and spiritual in nature and may have an impact on health and wellness, disease prevention, stresses, and defense systems.


The definitions contained within a theory convey the ideas’ broad meaning. These definitions detail the action required to quantify the notions included within a theory. For instance, Neumann’s model employs an open systems perspective to explain how patient systems respond to environmental stressors. A stressor is any stimulus that has the potential to create tension and imbalance within a system. The environment encompasses both internal and exterior elements that may have an effect on the patient’s system. Within the patient’s system, there are internal influences. External influences are those that exist outside of the patient’s system. It is critical for nurses to apply Neumann’s theory in practice by focusing on the system’s responses to stressors. For instance, when patients get another diagnosis and believe it to be distressing, they may withdraw or consume an inappropriate diet. The nurse in this case considers both the sickness process and the patient’s response to the stressors when developing appropriate interventions.

Assumptions or Hypotheses

Assumptions are assertions that are “taken for granted” that reflects the characteristics of a theory’s concepts, descriptions, intent, linkages, and structure. On the other hand, a hypothesis is a proposition that should be tested through conducting a clinical or scientific study. Theories entail assumptions, hypotheses, or premises which they are based on and/or provide a basis of validation.

For instance, Neumann’s systems model makes the following assumptions: clients are dynamic; associations between ideas in a theory impact a patient’s defence functions and ascertain a patient’s reaction; patients exhibit an ordinary range of reactions; stressors target versatile lines of defence first, followed by standard lines of defence; and the nurse’s actions are directed toward principal, supplementary, and ancillary prevention.

Writing College Nursing Essays Requiring a Theoretical Framework

Theoretical underpinnings of nursing provide nursing students with an opportunity to deepen their comprehension of the subject matter by delving into the notions advanced by different scholars in the nursing field.

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While writing papers on the theoretical foundations of nursing for you, we study the strengths and weaknesses of various theories and provide an assessment of each theory’s relevance to nursing practice and education.

Below are tips on how to write college nursing papers requiring a theoretical framework. These tips have been provided by our nursing assignment help experts.

  1. Tip 1: Identify an applicable theory for your case study.

    In most college nursing assignments, instructions entail a particular case that need to be analyzed. After reading and comprehending the instructions, learning objectives (LOs) or course outcomes, and requirements set in the assignment’s rubric, you will need to identify a theory that applies to your case study.

    1. Tip 1a.: Choose a theory that evaluates a similar population bracket as your case study.
    2. Tip 1b.: Choose a theory that has already been covered in that particular nursing class. This ensures that your instructor already approves the application of that theory for your assignment. Therefore, your final nursing paper will be relevant for that class or course.
  2. Tip 2: Explain how your theory is relevant to your case study.

    A college student writing a theoretical framework essay must first define the selected theory. Second, the student should illustrate an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of that theory. Third, a nursing student should demonstrate how the theory provides a framework that applies to the case study in question.

    1. Tip 2a.: It is very important to highlight limitations that may pose a challenge when implementing the theoretical framework for a particular scenario.
    2. Tip 2b.: A theoretical framework should provides an analysis that provides a comparison of the population, desired outcomes, and supports the conclusions or suggested care management plan/strategy.
  3. Tip 3: The patient’s best interests, values, and needs guide your outcomes.

    The goal of each evaluation is to come up with the best care management strategy that best suits a patient’s needs. Therefore, when writing a theoretical framework nursing paper, ensure that you keep the patient’s needs at the fore from the start to the end of your paper. Your selected theory, justification, rationale, inferences, desired outcomes, evaluation, and conclusions & recommendations should be explicitly illustrate that the goal is to achieve the best outcomes for the patient or population defined in the case study. 

How to Pass in Theoretical Framework Nursing Assignments

Of course, you want to write a college paper that will guarantee that pass in your nursing class with an excellent grade. Passing in these assignments will require students to adhere to a set of requirements usually aligned to your coursework’s objectives.

When composing theoretical foundations essays for a nursing class, college students should adhere to a variety of requirements. These requirements are what your instructor is looking for and are usually aligned to your learning objectives. Adhering to these requirements ensure that you pass in your nursing assignment, class, or coursework.

  1. The ability to demonstrate a thorough comprehension of a particular nursing theory and its underlying concepts.
  2. Additionally, your theoretical framework nursing paper should demonstrate an ability to come up with the best outcomes that best suit the needs, values, and interests of the patient or population from the provided case study.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to structure your paper in a pre-designed format such as a PICOT format, capstone writing format, thesis-writing format, or a research paper writing format.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to find citations and reference them appropriately through formats such as APA, MLA, Vancouver, Harvard, or Turabian.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to follow advanced nursing practices and guidelines such as evidence-based practices or theory-based practices.

Famous Philosophers for your Nursing Theories

Is one of these great nursing philosophers a part of your nursing assignment?

  •     Viola Henderson
  •     Dorothea E. Orem Dorothea E. Orem
  •     Pender, Nola
  •     Levine Myra
  •     Callista Roy
  •     Lydia E. Chambers
  •     Orlando, Ida Jean
  •     Imogene M. King
  •     Watson, Jean
  •     Leininger Madeleine
  •     Betty Neuman
  •     Florence Nightingale
  •     Marguerite Rogers
  •     Dorothy J. Johnson
  •     Nola Pender
  •     Faye G. Abdellah
  •     Peplau, Hildegard E

For tips on theories by each of these philosophers, refer to our article in this link. If you need help with your nursing essay, request our experts to assist you via Whatsapp by clicking the link below.

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