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Case Studies in Nursing

The ability to write nursing case studies is a prominent area wherein the nursing students are examined while completing their nursing degree. “What is a Nursing Case Study?” is a question that many student nurses who are new to their school will frequently ask themselves. The term “nursing case study” refers to an in-depth examination of a patient that nursing students come across in their everyday practice and that is designed to help them gain more understanding and knowledge of the area of nursing.


The application of what students have studied in school to a real-world situation that is appropriate and does not subject patients to hazards is a crucial learning experience for nursing students. Nursing case studies provide this opportunity. Student nurses are also given the opportunity to draw necessary conclusions based on the case studies they are provided with, as well as the skills and experience that they have obtained in the course of their studies. Consequently, nursing case studies assist to present nursing students to the real world, and by finishing nursing case studies, instructors are able to identify where there is a need for additional training in order to meet the appropriate standards.


How to Write a Nursing Case Study Paper

Case study papers for nursing programs require careful thought and consideration before they can be written correctly and submitted on time. Students begin writing far too often before they have completed all of the necessary preliminary tasks. The focus and format of a paper should be set in advance, ideally, before you begin writing it. After that, you will proceed to the fact-gathering stage, during which you will collect and organize the information that will be included in your paper’s content. Finally, there is the execution process, in which you will compose the essay in a standardized way such as the APA style and modify it before submitting it to your instructor.


Patient Status 

It will be discussed in the first section of the case study paper. Patient status includes the patient’s description and defines why they are included in the investigation, their demographic information required in seeking medical attention, and the eventual diagnosis. This paper will also address how nursing contributes to a patient’s overall care.


Followed by an in-depth discussion of any illness process, it will be necessary to include the causes, symptoms, observations, and how chosen therapies may affect nursing care in your overview.  Include a description of the disease’s occurrence and progression. Some crucial questions for you to address are: 1) What were the initial signs that something was wrong, and 2) What symptoms led the patient to seek medical attention.


Nursing Assessment 

Nursing Assessment is a term that is used to describe the process of evaluating a patient’s health and well-being in the nursing profession, crucial to nursing case studies.  Consider nursing diagnoses while describing the patient’s difficulties during the discussion of the patient’s assessment by a nurse. Make a point of explaining why you have chosen a specific diagnosis. Is frequent urination, for example, causing the patient’s sleep habits to be disrupted or altered? The nursing diagnoses that you identify throughout your evaluation will be used to help develop the nursing care plan that you will implement.


Recommendations for Improvement in the Current Care Plan

Give an overview of the nursing care plan and its objectives, and describe how the nursing care plan contributes to the patient’s overall well-being. How do you hope that the patient’s life will be improved as a result of the nursing care plan? What methods will be used to carry out the treatment plan? When and how will the care plan be implemented? Who will be in charge of this? To evaluate the success of the plan, what measurable objectives will they use as a gauge?


It is your particular recommendations that should be discussed in the final conversation. What further steps do you recommend that can be performed to improve the patient’s chances of recovery based on the patient’s current condition, the diagnosis, the prognosis, and the nursing care plan? APA style requirements require that you back up your recommendations with credible sources and quote them correctly afterward.


Making an excellent nursing case study paper does not have to be a time-consuming or stressful endeavor to do. While it can be satisfying, practicing on patients when out in the field is also a beneficial skill to have. Please be aware that your professor will not only mark you on the quality of the information of your paper, but also on how well you adhere to the APA formatting style. If you find that you are spending an excessive amount of time to format your case study assignment, consider reaching out to us so that we can avoid failing because your paper was not formatted well.


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