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Nurses are essential to guarantee patient safety while offering direct patient care. While doctors make diagnostic and therapeutic decisions, they may devote only 30 to 45 minutes per day with even the most critically ill and admitted patient, limiting their ability to observe changes in a patient’s condition over time. Nurses are a mainstay at the bedside and interact frequently with clinicians, pharmacists, relatives, and other healthcare staff. They are critical in coordinating and communicating the patient’s symptoms to the team on a timely basis. A nurse’s role in patient safety entails surveilling patients for clinical worsening, detecting errors and near misses, comprehending care processes and innate weaknesses in some systems, recognizing and sharing changes in patient condition, and conducting innumerable other activities to guarantee patients experience excellent care. As a result, nurses must generate pertinent findings and documentation to aid in the identification and treatment processes.


Nurses are uniquely qualified to report on the quality of care delivered in hospitals. They serve as the de facto monitoring system for the care process. Nurses are closely involved in all phases of patient care due to their role as the principal bedside caregiver and mediator between clients and all other clinicians. Direct caregiving, health monitoring, psychological support for patients and their relatives, guidance with everyday tasks, collaboration among inter-professional teams, and patient education are just a few examples. Thus, nurses’ interpretations of quality are formed through a set of encounters and personal observation of care.


Types of Nursing Care Reports 

There are several different kinds of nursing care reports, however the four most common are the written report, the taped report, the verbal face-to-face report undertaken in a private setting, and the face-to-face bedside handoff. The written nursing report does not allow for face-to-face interaction between departing and arriving nurses; rather, it is a written account of the patient’s medical history, condition, therapies, and care plan that is typically performed behind closed doors. Additionally, the taped nursing report precludes interaction between the departing and arriving nurses. While this method is considered to be time efficient, downsides such as a nurse’s failure to understand patient data, a vague or poor audiotape recording, and obsolete or misheard facts about the patient’s present state.  The verbal report produced in a private setting allows departing and arriving nurses to interact face to face, but excludes patients and family members. Additionally, it requires more time than other forms of reporting.


Face-to-face bedside handoff seems to be the only nursing report method that considers patients, their relatives, and both departing and arriving nurses. This category of nursing report is written at the client’s bedside and comes in a variety of formats. In general, nurse bedside shift reports fall into two categories: “blended” handoffs and face-to-face handoffs. The “blended” bedside shift report is a two-part nursing handoff. The first half of the report is written or conducted in a private setting, while the second half is conducted face-to-face at the client’s bedside. The nurse-to-nurse face-to-face bedside shift report is conducted exclusively at the patient’s bedside.


Documentation of Nursing Care Reports 

Documentation is any written or printed material that is used as a record of proof by authorized individuals. Documentation and reporting are required in nursing to ensure continuity of care. They are also a legal requirement to demonstrate the nursing care provided or not provided by a nurse. The following are the reasons for documenting nursing care reports:


  • Communication
  • Client Care Planning
  • Auditing Health Care Organizations
  • Research
  • Education
  • Reimbursement
  • Legal documentation
  • Analysis of Health Care


Composing Superlative Nursing Care Reports

Nursing Care Reports are used to document and convey patient data that supervisors and clinicians require in order to make decisions. Quality nursing care reports must be permanent, comprehensive, and simple to understand by users in order for the reports to be used to make the best decisions possible. To publish an impactful nursing care report, a student nurse must use logic and planning to ensure that all critical aspects of the report are considered.


Writing a high-quality nursing care report necessitates a student nurse to be able to organize his or her thoughts carefully and convey them in a way that is understandable to the intended audience. However, to achieve this, one will require a high level of proficiency and experience in report writing in order to produce high-quality work. Without adequate knowledge and experience, a student nurse may be unable to compose a factual report and, in most cases, will be declared incompetent.

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