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Healthcare reform is a popular topic that is covered in most nursing schools nowadays, and it is a topic that is important to the profession. The emphasis is placed on the various initiatives that authorities and other institutions are taking to ensure that healthcare is inexpensive and of high quality for all people. The field of nursing has changed over time and continues to change on a daily basis, with nursing students being taught new and improved methods of providing better care to the patients they are responsible for. Nursing students’ expertise in these areas is increasingly being tested through the use of Health Reform Plan Papers, which have become more prevalent in recent years.


There have been various improvements in the area of nursing throughout the years, all of which are intended to improve the overall quality of care that nurses provide to patients regularly. It is also critical for student nurses to have a thorough awareness of these developments as well as what is required of them in order to be able to provide great patient care. It is for this reason that Health Reform Plan Papers are even more necessary for nursing students who want to flourish in their careers and have a thorough awareness of the current trends in the field of nursing.


Steps to Take When Drafting a Health Reform Strategy


  1. Perform a physical examination of the patient


When developing a health reform strategy, the nurse begins by reviewing all relevant data, which may include, but is not limited to, medical history, lab results, vital signs, data from a head-to-toe assessment, conversations with the patient and their loved ones, observations from other members of the care team, and demographic information. The following information is used by the nurse to evaluate the patients:


  • Needs in terms of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health


  • Areas that require improvement


  • Factors that increase the risk


  1. Identify and list the nursing diagnoses that you have.

Nurses identify nursing diagnoses after conducting an in-depth examination of the patient’s condition. Nursing diagnoses are health problems or possible health problems that nurses can treat without the need for medical involvement. Nursing diagnoses include, for example, acute pain, fever, sleeplessness, and a danger of falling, among other things. Each diagnosis on the official nursing diagnostic list is curated by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), which provides definitions, characteristics, and commonly used interventions for each diagnosis. These diagnoses serve as the foundation for implementing the necessary health reforms.


  1. Establish objectives for the patient.

What are the desired goals, and what strategies will be used to get the patient there? The nurse responds to these questions depending on the evaluation, the nursing diagnosis, and input from the patient, among other factors. It will be critical to clearly define the goals and objectives of the proposed health-reform plan in advance. Together, the nurse and the patient establish realistic goals that can be met through nursing interventions and (in certain situations) personal effort on the part of the patient. Aims can be short-term (e.g., alleviating acute pain after surgery) or long-term (e.g., lowering the patient’s A1C with improved diabetes care). The nurse then prioritizes goals based on the value of the goals, the urgency of the goals, and patient feedback. In addition, nurses can use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to assist them in prioritizing patient goals.


  1. Put nurse interventions into action.

In a health reform plan, nursing interventions are the most important components because they describe the actions taken by a nurse to achieve patient goals and achieve desired outcomes — for example, administering medications, educating the patient, checking vital signs every couple of hours, initiating fall precautions, or assessing the patient’s pain levels at specific intervals. Nursing documentation is done here as well, and includes documentation of any dependent nursing interventions that are required by physicians.


  1. Evaluate progress and make adjustments to the care plan as necessary.

In the end, the developed health reform plan will be incomplete unless the nurse monitors and evaluates the patient and the nursing care plan on a regular basis in order to answer the question: Are the nursing interventions assisting the patient in achieving their goals and desired outcomes, and should the interventions be changed, terminated, or continued?


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