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Access to Healthcare

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The Importance of Nurses in Expanding Access to Health-Care Services

Accessibility to holistic health-care services is a pre-requisite for equitable and high-quality health-care delivery in all settings. By assisting people in navigating the health-care system, offering careful supervision and follow-up throughout the care continuum, concentrating on the whole individual, and delivering assistance that is culturally courteous and appropriate, nurses are perfectly suited to contribute to the improvement of the quality of health-care delivery. In order to overcome hurdles to effective care, such as structural disparities and unconscious bias, nurses can use a variety of strategies, such as case management, individual care, and cultural tolerance.


When it comes to the existing health-care system, care is frequently fragmented, with processes changing across general and specialist care, as well as between traditional and new care sites. Oftentimes, people are unfamiliar with the operations of the health-care system, including where they will obtain care, how to schedule appointments, or the different types of clinicians with whom they interact with. Patient education is essential, but patients may not comprehend why all of the clinicians in all of the venues where they receive treatment should be informed more about services they receive and the concerns that have been recognized in order to maintain seamless, continuous, high-quality care. It is possible that social variables impacting individuals with various health requirements will have a negative impact on their capacity to receive appropriate health care. Care management, coordinated care, and transitional care are all actions that nurses conduct as part of a health care team in order to reduce fragmentation, increase communication, and improve the overall quality and safety of care provided. A care management strategy is particularly critical for persons who have complicated health and social requirements, as they may require care from many providers, medical follow-up, prescription management, and assistance in meeting their social needs, among other things.


It is possible to achieve seamless care through the use of care management, which is a collection of actions aimed to “improve care coordination, remove waste and inefficiencies, minimize the need for costly healthcare services, and encourage patient involvement in self-care.” Care coordination, transitional care, and welfare services are some of the elements of care management.


According to the definition, care coordination is “the deliberate planning of patient care procedures between two or more people (including the patient) participating in a patient’s care in order to assist the appropriate provision of healthcare services.” Access to health care is required both to overcome systemic challenges such as segmentation, communication breakdown and billing/cost inefficiencies and to expand access.


Transitional care comprises organizing care for people who are transitioning between different sites or levels of care, as well as offering navigation, management, treatment adherence, and education services to those who are transferring. These nurse-centered care models, such as the Transitional Care Model created by Mary Naylor and the Care Transitions Intervention established by Eric Coleman, are well-known for their focus on the mostly distorted shift from an inpatient hospitalization to follow-up ambulatory care. In both models, individuals with severe illness are involved from the time of hospitalization to the time of discharge. A registered nurse or team is employed to “oversee clinical, emotional and social, restorative, nutritional, and pharmacy requirements; teach individuals about medications, self-care, and symptom identification and management; and promote physician appointments.” Both programs help to reduce readmissions and expenditures.


The integration of social care into health-care delivery models has created critical roles for nurses in the coordination of care across providers and settings and the collaboration with other experts and professional resources to ensure the health of people with multiple health and social needs.  Nurses are essential in the performance of these care management responsibilities. Provide coordinated care, develop care plans based on a person’s needs and preferences, educate people and their families in healthcare setting and during discharge are all functions that nurses perform on a regular basis. They also facilitate consistency of care for patients throughout all settings and providers.


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